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Brush hour

Ah, painting. Considered the most uncomplicated project to complete at your home. Good selling point for paint brands to sell their merchandise either. Let's try to figure, if it is really that easy and what things should you account for before refreshing your walls in color.

You staring around a room thinking that it would have been a good idea to give your walls a new life. Plus, there are tons of videos and articles to boost your confidence. Nevertheless, who needs those tutorials, I can do it myself! Yes, you can!

Start by figuring out which colors you want. It will largely depend on your taste, but there are some well known rules before you pick a color. Consider warmer colors for bedrooms. It will make a space cozy and calming. Living room can use something neutral, but will depend on your habits. Ask yourself if you use the space for family gatherings, watching TV or playing games. Is your living adjacent to kitchen? You can actually divide it using different colors. Bathrooms will get away with more of greyish or colder colors. It can be tricky to choose a color for bathroom, because you have to account for many things such as vanity color and style, tile color and style, etc..

Now, we are getting to more technical part. That's easy. Flat for ceiling, semi-gloss for bathroom and kitchen, eggshell around the house. We done in here. Not really. There are many more options when it comes to paint finishes nowadays. Of coarse, you can go with the simple ones above. But if you are looking for upgrade, or just want to make things little more complicated, there are more options for bedrooms and bathrooms. Many brands are offering scratch proof paints. For bathrooms, you may consider mold and mildew resistant paint. Just keep in mind that semi gloss will fit for your bath just perfectly given low level of moisture absorption and easy clean up. Although, you still can opt for different finish, such as satin design specifically for bathroom. Your local paint shop can give you more information on this matter. Your options and price range will depend on the brand you shop.

What to use to paint? Paint brush, paint roll with handle, paint tray, Disposable trays will do. Use 3/8 paint roll for smooth finish. 2 1/2 in angled paint brush will do to cut the corners.

How to paint? Well, hire somebody, don't waste your time. Things will go much better if you go to your job, and painters do theirs. Irony aside, you need to start with preparation. That's the first thing that needs to be done before starting any project, paint included. Furniture in the center and covered. Consider to move out of the room if possible. Cover the floor with plastic and than drop cloth so that no drip will penetrate to your flooring. Start with painting the ceiling. Cut the corners with brush one time, then roll it with paint. Repeat the steps again for the second time. Start cutting the corners for your walls. Apply the first coat of paint. Repeat the same procedure for the second time. Paint the base trim and casings. To achieve a better finish, do it two times. This requires a skill, but can be achieved with a determination and hard work. Use ladder to cut ceiling and upper wall corners, as well as for door and window casings.

Use common sense before doing a job yourself or hire professionals. If its several rooms, you can do it yourself. If you need to paint the whole house, consider hiring paint contractors to do the job for you. Remember, advertisement are shaping up our mind the way so it appears easy to take on a paint job. It is not always a case. It requires experience and skill, good management and prep. There are painters out there, who sharpen their painting skills for years to deliver the best possible finish. For the most professional companies, it is more than just cut and roll. Depending on the condition of your walls and trim, you need to know how to use a wood filler and joint compound and that leans toward a professional side of the work.

To sum up. This article does not provide a step by step guide onto how to paint, but gives a general knowledge and some thoughts for someone who have never done it before. It might give you a little more courage and self esteem to get it done, but also caution you so it doesn't turn into a little disaster. Thankfully, there a tons of videos and articles on this matter that I am sure will help you with your upcoming paint project!

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